Advice for First-Time Golfers

According to Kunal Puri, if you’re a new golfer and looking for golfing tips for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. This article is dedicated to teaching you the most basic golf swing principles. These concepts include position, grip, balance, and club head speed. By following these tips, you’ll have the foundation needed to […]

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Top Tips For Golfing For Beginners – Kunal Puri

    According to Kunal Puri, the game of golf may be complicated, but it is a great way to get exercise and socialize. In addition to the physical benefits, golfing allows you to enjoy beautiful scenery. Here are some tips for beginners to improve your game: Keep your head down The key to hitting […]

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Making a Sound Investment in Your First Set of Golf Clubs

    According to Kunal Puri, forgiveness is one of the most important features of a golf club for beginners. You’ll lose distance and accuracy even if you’re just learning to play golf by hitting the ball off-center. It’s easier to hit the ball with beginner-friendly clubs because they have a larger sweet spot. Using […]

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