Celebrity Child Helps Organizations

Celebrity Child Helps Organizations

Many celebrities and everyday volunteers have joined forces with Child helps organizations to fight child abuse. Some of their ambassadors include Kathie Lee Gifford, Casper Van Dien, Jane Seymour, and Mary Costa. Another ambassador, Sara O’Meara, appeared on the Today Show as a guest and talked about her experience as a victim of child abuse.

Child help

The Child helps organizations is a nonprofit organization that serves children’s rights in poor communities. Its mission is to end child abuse and neglect. Its efforts have earned it many awards. In addition to helping children, the organization is dedicated to promoting education and adoption. It also works to protect the rights of widowed parents and children.

Child help’s advocacy centers help victims of child abuse. Staffed with professionals from several fields, these centers are designed to minimize the trauma a child may experience. They also provide a more comfortable environment than a police station or emergency room. In addition, their counselors can direct survivors to local services and ongoing counseling if necessary.

Family & Children’s Place

The Family & Children’s Place is a child helps organizations based in Kansas City, Missouri, that promotes the healthy development of young survivors of child abuse. They offer advocacy support, counseling, forensic interviews, and medical care. The organization was founded in 1978 and has been helping young survivors of child abuse in the community. They have become a recognized leader in Kansas City and are committed to healing the wounds of young victims.

Family & Children’s Place’s mission is to build strong families. They provide education and prevention programs, support for parents, and guidance on healthy choices for children. They also work closely with state child services workers to protect children. In addition, they have Family Advocates who work to connect parents and children with vital resources.

Kosair Charities

Kosair Charities is a grant-making organization that funds organizations that help children. These organizations provide health care, education, social services, and child advocacy. Kosair also supports research. The organization gives $10 million annually to over 80 organizations. The Kosair Foundation was founded in 1923.

Since its inception, Kosair Charities has helped countless children and families. The organization has raised over $50.4 million, making it the largest charitable organization in Kentucky. Its mission is to protect children from abuse and neglect. In 2013, Kosair Charities launched the Face It Movement, a comprehensive program to end child abuse. The program includes best practices for preventing child abuse and advocating for effective policies to improve child welfare systems.

The $100,000 donated by Kosair Charities will support CASA programs in the River Region. These programs provide trained volunteers to accompany and support children throughout court proceedings, which can last months or even years. Often, these volunteers are the only consistent adult for children during this time. The volunteers also train other volunteers to work with CASA.

International Literacy Association

The International Literacy Association (ILA) is dedicated to improving reading instruction, conducting research, and encouraging reading habits worldwide. This organization has been active for over 50 years. The goals of the ILA are simple:

  • Improve reading instruction.
  • Facilitate dialogue on reading research.
  • Encourage the habit of reading worldwide.

The ILA also provides professional development for reading educators throughout the world. In addition, the organization hosts annual conferences and engages in many outreach efforts. It also has a Literacy Education Resource Center that supports literacy education worldwide.

Feed the Children

Feed the Children is an organization that helps children in need worldwide. It has helped to fund medical missions and has helped build Casa del Nino in Honduras. In 2009, it greatly expanded its work in Malawi. It helped to provide fortified porridge called VitaMeal to 50,000 Malawian children. In addition, it recently received a grant from USAID to expand its work to help orphans and vulnerable children. This project will improve nutrition, access to education, and sanitation for over 70,000 orphans and poor children.

The organization helps hungry children by providing them with shelf-stable food, educational supplies, and other necessities. It has thousands of volunteer workers worldwide who make it possible to accomplish its mission. Last year, the organization aided 5.6 million children in the U.S. and distributed 79 million pounds of food and supplies. The organization is dedicated to providing the basics for every child, so your donation will go a long way.