How to Grip a Golf Club With Large Hands

Kunal Puri

Golfers with large hands should know how to grip a golf club. For example, a weak grip prevents you from closing the clubface at impact, which is the cause of a hooking shot. If your hands are large, you can use an overlapping or an interlocking grip, which are both effective.

Weaker grips are best for hooking shots

A weaker grip allows the golfer to rotate through the golf ball to eliminate the hook and overdraw. In addition, this type of grip allows the golfer to avoid using his left side to hit the ball. It’s not always easy to master this technique, though. First, you must ensure the proper release point for the shot to be effective.

A weaker grip can also correct wrong ball flight patterns. The weaker grip will put a spin on the ball, causing it to bend away from the golfer as it flies through the air. This technique is beneficial for golfers who hit a hook or a slice.

The overlapping grip is suitable for big hands

The Overlapping grip sometimes referred to as the Vardon grip, is a grip style that is particularly useful for golfers with large hands. This grip style unites the hands in a single unit, allowing the wrists plenty of space to move naturally and release the club, which results in greater power and distance off the tee.

Golfers commonly use this grip style with large hands. It gives the player greater wrist freedom and helps them generate more power and distance. However, smaller hands will find it difficult to hold the club in this grip style, so they should look for a different option.

An interlocking grip is suitable for big hands

Golfers with large hands can use the interlocking grip on a golf club. This grip locks both hands together and gives more power to the golf swing. However, this type of grip is not suitable for all players. Big hands may find it challenging to grasp the club while playing, which makes the interlocking grip more beneficial for these individuals.

The interlocking grip is also recommended for people with small or weak hands. With this grip, additional pressure is applied at the locking point, which can cause pain in tiny hands. However, this grip allows for a much better feel of the club.

Speith’s grip is unusual

If you have ever watched golf, you’ve probably noticed that Jordan Spieth peculiarly holds his golf clubs. His grip is a unique hybrid of the left and right hand. It involves the left index finger sitting on the right hand and linking with the right pinkie. While it looks natural, it can be tricky to control the face of the golf club when swinging.

Most seasoned golfers use textbook grips. However, Jordan Spieth uses a unique variation that rests the right little finger on the left index finger. This grip causes his left wrist to bow outward at the top of his backswing. It’s also slightly different from the conventional overlapping grip used by ninety-seven per cent of PGA Tour players.

Speith’s grip is undeniably top quality

Ross Speith holds his golf clubs as few other pro golfers do. It is unusual but undeniably top-quality. The way he links his right pinkie to his left index finger is imposing. It is a grip style that has become one of the most influential in the game.