Advice for First-Time Golfers

Kunal Puri

According to Kunal Puri, if you’re a new golfer and looking for golfing tips for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. This article is dedicated to teaching you the most basic golf swing principles. These concepts include position, grip, balance, and club head speed. By following these tips, you’ll have the foundation needed to play golf with ease. Continue reading to learn more about these crucial golfing fundamentals! Also, subscribe to golf magazines or websites for the latest tips and tricks. You should always seek out ways to improve your golfing knowledge and skills.


The ball’s position during the golf swing will determine the outcome of the shot, and many beginners make the mistake of placing the ball too far forward or too far behind their stance. This can lead to a slice or a draw. In order to avoid this problem, beginners should learn the proper ball positioning, which relates to the swing arc and ball flight. Here are a few basic tips. Listed below are a few of the most important golf-related rules.

The correct ball position is vital for the swing. Most golf instructors recommend the C Posture. The C Posture allows for better hip rotation and balance than the S Posture. Remember that every golf swing is unique, and every posture is dependent on the golfer’s particular body type. The more advanced you get, the more you’ll understand the importance of the fundamentals. Once you master them, you’ll be able to make better contact with the ball and have more fun playing golf!


Kunal Puri explains, you may be looking for golfing tips for beginners. You have a new hobby, but golfing isn’t easy. It takes patience, skill, and practice to learn the game well. Here are some golfing tips for beginners. Practice makes perfect. You can’t hit a ball too hard or too far to improve your game. Try practicing on a putting green or a grassy area that has a grassy surface.

Learn to grip the golf club properly. Many people have bad habits from playing golf without knowing how to grip the club properly. Make sure you practice a few times with your own clubs. You should also make sure that you keep a spare club at home. You’ll be glad you did. After a few months, you should start to feel more comfortable with your grip. Eventually, you can go wild and try to improve your game.

Kunal Puri believes Balance

There are several ways to improve your balance in golfing for beginners. Keeping a good balance is very important as it allows you to swing harder. Hitting a long distance with your golf club is only fun if you get the ball in the right direction. Good balance helps keep your club in position and gives it a great deal of power. Off-balance players often struggle to get the ball into position and turn the club loose.

Aim to achieve a good balance by practicing balance drills. These exercises are not difficult and will help you improve your golf game. You can do these exercises at home. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and put your hands on your hips. Extend your left leg out to the side, making circles with it. Repeat with your right leg. Do these exercises a few times each day until you have perfected your golf turn.

Kunal Puri suggested Club head speed

In Kunal Puri’s opinion, increasing your club head speed is a great way to cut shots from your game. While there is no single right or wrong club head speed, a beginner can benefit from increasing the club speed. To learn how to increase club head speed, read on to learn more about the benefits of a high-speed driver and how it can improve your game. Beginners should also understand that club head speed has an effect on the quality of the shot.

The first step is to improve your grip. A good grip will improve club head speed. Also, a simple workout routine will improve your torso and increase your power through the ball at the bottom of your swing. To strengthen your torso, you can use elastic workout bands. These exercises will increase the strength in your chest and hips. They will also increase your flexibility, which is an important component of club head speed.

Kunal Puri explains Swing path

There are some basic things you need to know about swing path. When you set up, your feet, hips, and shoulders should be to the right of your finished target. You should also remember to keep your hands in front of the clubhead. This will help you make straight shots and prevent fat shots. If you’re still unsure of your swing path, follow these tips to get a better swing. We’ll cover the basics of swing path for beginners.

The swing path is the angle at which you come down at the ball. The closer your swing path is to the target line, the straighter your golf shot will be. If your swing path is too far to the right, the ball will curve to the left or right. This shot is known as a slice or a fade with a square clubface. Beginners should keep these fundamentals in mind while setting up their shots.